in case you missed it…

2 Nov

space when gone

For many of my lovely followers it may seem like things have been a little quiet here. I have been adding new posts, but you may have missed them. I recently transferred my blog over to a self-hosting site, I won’t bore you with the details but it means I can do more with the design and layout and add a few nice features I didn’t have before. I thought it would be a seamless transition but I had one major oversight, which is if you are following through your own blog you won’t be receiving updates of my new posts. It seems I can’t take my followers with me, which is heartbreaking, I was enjoying sharing with you!

If you were enjoying my blog I hope you will continue to pop in occasionally at and if you would still like updates you can subscribe via email by clicking on the link to the right.

To celebrate my new blog design I am going to do a giveaway. I haven’t done one before but I thought it would be nice to share something I have been making. It’s a little bit of screen printing and sewing and beading and it’s getting me into the Christmas spirit, I will give some more details about it tomorrow.

For now I am going to go and have a cup of tea with my Hubby, as he is going away soon to work overseas until Christmas. I am going to miss him terribly and I think this picture by Freya sums it up perfectly.



etsy finds: birds

13 Oct

I’ve fallen in love with these little birdies on Etsy

etsy shopping: bird

1. felt and linen bird cushion by Sukan
2. bird and branch necklace by melody 
3. wooden mobile by snug.songbirds
4. bird and bird track rubber stamp set by Nora Jane
5. bird and branch vinyl wall decal by yitingsticker

flower suncatchers

12 Oct

Everywhere we look there are flowers blooming. Ethan and I picked some from our garden today, I have to admit most of them were from weeds that have sprung up everywhere, but I don’t discriminate, weeds are pretty too.

I saw this recently on the artful parent blog. We cut a window out of a paper plate and stuck clear contact to it, then stuck the flowers on.

The flowers look so pretty with the sunlight behind, it intensifies the colours and looks stunning. A very cheap and cheerful activity to do with kids.

a few changes

10 Oct

baby hammock

My littlest boy has grown so big he doesn’t fit in his baby hammock anymore, yesterday he moved into his own bed. I took this photo because it was one of the last times he was sleeping in the hammock. It was a tiny moment of peacefulness and quiet, which is not actually how my house has been feeling of late.

As well as the usual busyness of children and homemaking, I have been working on a new blog design, it’s the first time I have ventured into creating my own wordpress theme. I’m very excited to share the new look with you, I’m going to be testing it out in the next few weeks and no doubt there will be some transition issues, so please bare with me! My apologies in advance if everything suddenly looks a bit skew-wiff.

ten little things

9 Oct

It’s going to be a short post tonight, feeling more tired than I have in a while. Over at SouleMama’s blog I saw she did a post on ‘simply ten’ I like the idea of short and sweet tonight so here is my recap of the weekend in ten little musings. I hope you had a good one. x

Ethan picking Mulberries for the first time, and eating far too many and coming home with hands and face and clothes stained purple.

Finally progressing on some garden landscaping in our front yard.

Dean tasting banana for the first time, and loving it.

birthday party

A spring birthday party, replete with sunshine and hugs.

Stunning pink lilies in my living room that my Hubby surprised me with, making me smile whenever I look at them.

To balance out all those wonderful and sweet moments, there was a fair amount of chaos too…

Calling the poisons information hotline because Ethan got hold of the landscaping chalk and sprayed it in his face. (He’s fine).

After not doing a poo for thirteen days, Dean takes his opportunity while he is having no nappy time, laying on the freshly changed bedsheets. Messy.

Ethan tipping out the brand new packet of baby cereal onto the kitchen floor and calling it his new sandpit. Uuuugh.

Baby learning to roll over, daddy turned around for a second and he rolled off the couch onto the floor. (He’s fine).

Feeling completely shattered, like I need to sleep soundly for the next 102 hours straight to start feeling normal again.

retail love: cornerstore

7 Oct

corner store

Some stores you go into and look around and think, oh wow, it’s like they picked everything in here just for me. I feel that way when I go into cornerstore in Fremantle, I posted earlier in the year about my little birthday shopping trip there.

I was delighted this week to accidentally discover that they have opened a new, much, much larger store in South Freo, and quite conveniently my bus route stops right outside their door. They still have the original little cornerstore in town. This new one stocks all the cute things like paper straws, retro lunchboxes, felt garlands and porcelain rabbits, plus French inspired swoon worthy furniture. If only I could afford it all…

stationery love in motion

3 Oct

I found this via Studio of Mae and had to share…

It’s by papermash, by warned they have many desirable paper goods that may cause a decline in your bank funds.

happy Monday evening x