ten little things

9 Oct

It’s going to be a short post tonight, feeling more tired than I have in a while. Over at SouleMama’s blog I saw she did a post on ‘simply ten’ I like the idea of short and sweet tonight so here is my recap of the weekend in ten little musings. I hope you had a good one. x

Ethan picking Mulberries for the first time, and eating far too many and coming home with hands and face and clothes stained purple.

Finally progressing on some garden landscaping in our front yard.

Dean tasting banana for the first time, and loving it.

birthday party

A spring birthday party, replete with sunshine and hugs.

Stunning pink lilies in my living room that my Hubby surprised me with, making me smile whenever I look at them.

To balance out all those wonderful and sweet moments, there was a fair amount of chaos too…

Calling the poisons information hotline because Ethan got hold of the landscaping chalk and sprayed it in his face. (He’s fine).

After not doing a poo for thirteen days, Dean takes his opportunity while he is having no nappy time, laying on the freshly changed bedsheets. Messy.

Ethan tipping out the brand new packet of baby cereal onto the kitchen floor and calling it his new sandpit. Uuuugh.

Baby learning to roll over, daddy turned around for a second and he rolled off the couch onto the floor. (He’s fine).

Feeling completely shattered, like I need to sleep soundly for the next 102 hours straight to start feeling normal again.


One Response to “ten little things”

  1. sylvanscribe October 13, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    Oh gosh, that does sound like a busy weekend. And I know exactly how that last item feels – 102 hours is the bare minimum really, isn’t it!

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