down at the station

23 Sep


There are a couple of things that Ethan gets so excited about he can barely contain his enthusiasm. One of them is fire engines. We live on a street that is close to the main artery into town and we constantly hear emergency vehicles blaring their sirens. Every time we hear the distant nee-nar, nee-nah of an ambulance or a fire engine Ethan runs to the front door saying, ‘wanna look mummy, wanna look!’. Of course it’s usually gone past by the time we get to the street to see.

I was telling a friend about this cute obsession of his and she said her brother (or uncle or nephew, I can’t recall) is a fireman and they love to have kids come to the station to see the fire engines. I had never thought of that, what a wonderful idea. That afternoon I called the local fire station and asked if I could possibly bring a very excited two year old to see the fire engines. The fireman who answered the phone was so friendly and said we could come on any day that ends in ‘y’.

So today we trundled into town and knocked on the door at the station, the fireman on duty was more than happy to give us a private tour of the fire station and the fire truck. Ethan got to sit in the truck, turn on the flashing lights and try on the fireman helmet and boots. How wonderful! He was in awe of the enormous truck and has been talking about it all day. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and it didn’t cost a thing.

Following on from my last post, my Hubby had the day at home today and I was able to get a sleep in and felt more human today. What a difference a bit of sleep makes!


2 Responses to “down at the station”

  1. Bruisemouse September 23, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    What a wonderful way to spend some time. I’m sure you enjoyed it even more after some sleep.

  2. Leigh @ Toasted September 24, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    ooh.. I can feel a visit to the fire station for this little family too. Glad you got a sleep in. If you ever need any encouragement to do less, just give me a buzz…. I’ve been trying out that kinda talk on myself a lot lately and I’m sorta getting the hang of it.

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