keeping memories

22 Sep


The exhaustion of having another baby has finally caught up to me. I felt like I was cruising along quite OK until just the last few weeks. I think it might be because both my kids are getting well after weeks of illness. Ethan has had tonsillitis and Dean contracted pneumonia. Thankfully they are both on the mend but now that I have stopped to take a breath I feel I could collapse. I am trying to take things a bit slower and not fill every waking moment with things I want to do and things that must be done. (Hence the longer pauses between blog posts).

cahier quote

I have decided to slow down on my one-hundred-and-one crafty projects, for the moment anyway, until I get my energy back. A few different people in the last few weeks have said to me, gee you look tired. Hmmm, well yes, that’s because I am tired! Dean is a wonderful baby, I couldn’t ask for a quieter, calmer more gentle little bub, but even happy babies are hard work. It’s the broken sleep that is getting to me, I hope I can get a good night rest soon, it was fourteen months before Ethan slept through the night, here’s hoping it’s not that long this time around.

journal tools

I have slowed down with lots of projects but there is one that I have stopped doing that I wish I hadn’t. Writing a journal about my boys. When Ethan was born a friend suggested that I write down his birth story so that I wouldn’t forget any of the details. As soon as I could I wrote down his wonderful story and I kept on writing. Almost every day for the first year. When Dean was born I started with his story and then wrote for a few weeks but it’s petered off and I haven’t written anything for months.


I have a little plastic box that fits into my handbag that contains my current journal and all the tools I need to embellish it. Watercolour pencils, brushes, my black artline pen, scissors, glue tape, photos and other bits. My favorite journal to write in is le cahier notebooks, they are sweet, simple and French and small enough to carry around. I had the idea that I could take my little box with me wherever I went and jot down little memories as they happen. Or I could sit in a café and sip my latté and create beautiful journal pages in quiet moments. That is a nice dream and is yet to happen, but I will keep carrying it around and hopefully will get into it again.

As one lovely reader commented, at least I have my blog for keeping memories.



One Response to “keeping memories”

  1. motherwho September 25, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    This post really reminded me of me! I have not been as dedicated to journal writing as you have been, but you’ve really inspired me to get out my pen again. I have stacks of full journals under my bed but since Nell was born I have found it harder to find the time to put pen to paper. I have been writing on my blog a lot which someone also said to me would be great as at least the memories are being recorded somewhere! The box in the bag idea is a great one! (Oh and Nella is nearly 18 months old and has been sleeping through for about the last 6-8 weeks… could really relate to that and I hope that Dean does not take as long to get into a lovely night time rhythm!)

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