painting the bath

12 Sep
shaving cream painting

shaving cream painting

Like any family with small children the end of the day is nothing less than chaotic at our house. To borrow a term from a friend we call it ‘happy hours’. The time between 5pm and 8pm when we are trying to feed, bath, wind-down, read-to, and put to bed two little people, not to mention try and look after ourselves a little.

Bathtime features big in our evening ritual, our house is designed a little oddly that the kitchen is located between the bathroom and the toilet. Which is weird, but surprisingly useful that I can cook dinner and keep and eye on the bath at the same time. Anyway, I digress. Bathtime is great, it keeps Master Two occupied for at least half an hour, and the other day I gave him this and he loved it. A couple of squirts of shaving cream in tubs, a few drops of food colour and he could do painting in the bath. I loved it too, all the mess, (I mean art) was contained in the bath and at the end I could just wash it all down so quickly.

shaving cream painting

shaving cream painting


One Response to “painting the bath”

  1. Bruisemouse September 12, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    This is such a fabulous idea! So much fun to be had. I love how easy-clean this activity is.

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