a card for daddy’s day

2 Sep

Ethan made it! (wIth mummy's help)

Father’s day is coming up this Sunday so Ethan and I sat down today to make a card. I remember our first Father’s day when Ethan was just a few months old. Hubby jokingly asked what would he be getting and I teased him saying a card with ‘daddy’ spelled out in macaroni. I actually did it and I still have that little card, though of course Ethan didn’t help me with that one.

What a difference a few short years makes, Ethan was able to paint the card himself this year. I love this technique for making cards, it’s so effective, it’s one of those lots of impact for not much effort activities which for me is the best kind! All you need is a piece of paper, some paints, a piece of A4 card folded in half, some stickytape and a scalpel.

Have your little one create a painting, use a few different colours and get messy! Lots of colours mixed together on the page will look best when it’s done. Ethan and I did a butterfly painting with this bit of paper, we dropped splodges of colour and folded the paper in half then rubbed it together. When we opened it up , ta da! There was a butterfly shape.

Then with the scalpel I roughly cut out the letters D A D D Y in the piece of card.

Once the painting is dry, cut it into a small rectangle so it fits behind the letters you just cut and tape it in place with stickytape.

All done and it looks fabulous! I have made similar ones for all the grandparents for their birthday’s this year and they loved them. I think we will make more in December with Christmas tree shapes cut out.

butterfly splodge painting that Ethan made

butterfly splodge painting that Ethan made

cutting the letters out

cutting the letters out


One Response to “a card for daddy’s day”

  1. bruisemouse September 2, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    This is gorgeous and I’m sure will be dearly treasured.

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