Retail Love: Ruck Rover General Store

30 Aug

ruck rover general store

There is a new blog in town called “We Love Perth” which shares lots of wonderful tidbits about our quaint city each day. If you live here or ever want to visit make sure you read up on all the best bits here. When you live in a city that is as small and isolated as this one it’s easy to be negative and complain about all the things lacking. It’s refreshing that someone is celebrating the good bits.

I was lucky enough to win a gift voucher for my answer to the question, why do you love Perth? I wrote; “When I first moved to Perth (Fremantle), I was a bit dubious about living in the most isolated city the world. I came to realise that for its size Perth has the most amazing pool of creative talent. You don’t have to look far to find inspiring, creative folk doing fabulous things with music, fashion, arts and design. I mentioned this creative vibe that I couldn’t really explain to someone not long after I moved here. They told me that there are some unique meridian lines that intersect over Perth and it causes an intense creative energy. I don’t know if I believe that story, but that’s what I love about living here, being amongst so many creative people.” It’s a true story, if a little corny. I can’t remember who is was who told me about these magical and intriguing meridian lines. It has stuck in my mind all this time and so far I haven’t heard a better explanation for the mysterious creative vibe in Fremantle.

I happily ventured out of Freo over to Mt Lawley to the Ruck Rover General Store to use my voucher. It was a tough choice and after deliberating for more than little Dean should have tolerated, I decided on a cute wooden caravan brooch. I can’t go past anything with a retro feel and the caravan reminds me of my wayward folks. (They sold up their house a few years ago to become grey nomads). It was really nice to go into the store and chat to the owner. She was so sweet and sincere, I would go back to the store just for the genuine, wonderful customer service. If you can’t make it in person you can peruse online. Unfortunately the fairyfloss blue typewriter was not for sale and will have to remain on my wish list.




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