Sunday arvo at the bookstore

7 Feb

sofa so inviting

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around yesterday I was feeling so incredibly knackered. We didn’t do anything particularly energetic, just keeping up with housework, gardening, cooking and chasing after Ethan. I had quite a few moments on the weekend were I felt like I was overwhelmed. I just have to look down at my ever-growing belly to be reminded that it’s only going to get more tiring. Ethan was fighting me on Sunday and refusing to have his afternoon nap. So I bundled him into the car and went into Freo. A ride in the pram over the bumpy paths always lulls him off to dreamland. It only took ten minutes and he was fast asleep. While he was in the pram with me I spent a quiet afternoon in my favourite bookshop, New Editions, on High Street. It’s so welcoming and inviting, they have a couple of beautiful sofas that you can snuggle into and peruse books at a leisurely pace. While I was flicking through a book I found this poem by Kate Llewellyn. It was a timely reminder for me to enjoy the precious moments with my boy, because as hard as it is, he’ll only be little for such a short time.

You used to lean
on that cot rail
and wait
with the vigour of a flame
to leap into my arms
two feet tall and two years old
a sagging nappy
archless feet soft as cats’ tongues
and trodden underneath
a thick and clammy waterproof
warm from sleep
the sheet ruched at the end
toys heaped and confused
neglected as the dead
a duck stuck in the corner
I could see the basket of your ribs
your hands were opened
and all your bones and life
leapt up to mine.


One Response to “Sunday arvo at the bookstore”

  1. bruisemouse February 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    New Editions is fabulous. I love that it is open so late into the evening. We will often go down there and spend an hour or two just pottering in there. Kiddies are now old enough to enjoy the vibe of it too. Very relaxing.

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