shiny new buttons

30 Jun

It’s the little things in life that really excite me. Today it is buttons! The plastic pin-back kind that you wear as a brooch. A new store has opened in Freo called the Butcher Shop. I have heard good things about the one in Northbridge, though I have never been there (as anyone who knows me will tell you, I don’t venture out of Fremantle if I can help it). So imagine my delight when I found them on my doorstep. They do many fantastic things, designed and created by local arty folk. Best of all they have a button making machine! Ethan and I took along a bunch of vintage chidrens illustrations that I tore out of some old books. (It felt a little vandelous, and a little liberating ripping up the books). We punched out a half dozen little buttons and they look awesome. Ethan was far more interested in the gorgeous resident puppy-dog, a robust black staffy called Frank. I told him that when he’s a little older he’ll appreciate the make your own button thing a whole lot more.

the finished buttons

lining up the images to chop

shiny new button!

Ethan and Frank eyeing each other


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